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How To Pay Electricity Bill By Bkash | Bkash Pay Bill

In this article today I will teach you How To Pay Electricity Bill By Bkash There was a time a few years ago when we had to roam around the electricity office all day to pay the palli bidyut bill.

But now all the services can be available at home through Current e-service system. Many electricity services are available online. Among these, the most convenient service is paying electricity bills at home.

Electricity bills can be paid easily from the comfort of your home through Bkash. You can now directly Bkash electricity bills and other bill payments through the ‘Pay Bill’ feature from Bkash.

With this new Bkash feature, you can easily Bkash the payment of DESCO (Smart Prepaid and Postpaid), Pallividyut, Nesco and various educational institutions. Bkash has made everything simple.

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How To Pay Electricity Bill By Bkash

Almost all types of electricity bills can be paid through Bkash. Pay prepaid and postpaid bills of Palli Vidyut, DESCO, NESCO, DPDC, BPDB (PDB), Westzone etc.

Electricity bills are of 2 types

  1. Prepaid.
  2. Postpaid.

How do you know if you are using prepaid or postpaid

Prepaid: If you recharge the balance in your meter at the beginning of electricity consumption, it is a prepaid bill.

Postpaid: If the electricity bill is sent to you after monthly electricity consumption, then you are a postpaid customer.

Important Article: Bkash Live Chat Support.

Why Should We Pay Electricity Bills Through Bkash

Bkash (বিকাশ) started its journey to bring banking to your fingertips and make life very easy. In continuation of that, BKash has brought ‘Pay Bill’ service.

No more hassle to pay your rural electricity bill. Now Bkash online bidyut bill at home with ‘Pay Bill’ service at your convenience, anytime.So let’s you know How To Pay Electricity Bill By Bkash.

how to pay prepaid electricity bill by bkash

Go to Electricity Prepaid option from Pay Bill. Select the connection type Prepaid. Then enter the SMS account number on your bill paper to see the current month’s rural electricity bill.

Select the month to view the previous month’s bill. This is how rural electricity bill can be checked online through BKash. It is very time saving and easy.

How To Pay Desco Electricity Bill By Bkash Without App

  1. First you dial *247#.
  2. A menu will appear, from the menu you will click on Pay Bill number 6.
  3. First select Electricity.
  4. Select Palli Bidyut by pressing 1.
  5. Then select Make Payment.
  6. Select account number by pressing 1.
  7. Pallibidoot gave the SMS number mentioned in the bill.
  8. Give the month and year of the bill.
  9. Enter the amount number mentioned in the electricity bill.
  10. Bill will be given only after submitting with the pin number.

Your work is done. Now you will receive two SMS on your mobile phone. The first one will indicate that your request has been accepted and the second one will have a TRX ID written indicating that your bill has been paid.

Now you write that TRX ID number on your bill for that month along with the bill payment date. A Bkash customer can pay a rural electricity bill a maximum of five times in a month.

Every rural electricity customer with an SMS account number can make Pay bill transactions with the 6-digit customer ID number mentioned in the Bill copy or related documents.

How To Pay Electricity Bill By BKash App

First make sure whether you will be prepaid bill or meter recharge or postpaid or pay monthly electricity bill. Mostly postpaid or monthly bills in rural areas.

Follow the steps below to pay the monthly electricity bill or postpaid bill from Bkash.

How To Pay Electricity Bill By Bkash
  1. Open your Bkash app and login with a pin number.
  2. Tap on the Pay Bill option from Bkash.
  3. Electricity then select Palli Bidyut (Postpaid).
  4. Click on the sample button to see where the SMS account number is on your bill. And write the SMS number from your bill copy, in the space shown in image 3 above.
  5. Click on Proceed to pay bill button from below.
  6. If all your payment details are correct, pay the bill using your Bkash PIN number.
How To Pay Electricity Bill By Bkash

What is the electricity bill charge in Bkash

Basically if you make a bill payment of a fixed amount through your bkash account, then a fixed amount of charge will be applicable for the fixed amount of money.

That is, if you pay any bill within the following amount, then the charges applicable are mentioned below.

If you make a bill payment starting from 1 to 300 taka, then the charge will be 3 taka.Starting from Tk 301 to Tk 800, the charge will be Tk 8.

If you pay bill from 801 taka to 1500 taka then you have to pay 15 taka as a charge.

And lastly if you pay an electricity bill more than 1500 taka, then you have to pay 1% of the principal amount as a charge.

And for the amount of money mentioned above, the amount of charge mentioned above will be applicable.


Through this article of mine I have discussed in detail how To Pay Electricity Bill By Bkash.

I hope if you read my article carefully then you will understand very easily how you can pay electricity bills through bkash. Also Bkash has many more services about which we have more articles.


Rural electricity bills be paid through Bkash?

Yes, Palli electricity bill can be paid in the same manner through BKasham like other electricity bills.

Is it possible to pay outstanding electricity bills in Bkash?

Yes, Arrears can be paid through Bkash.

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