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How to cancel YouTube Premium

We all know more or less about YouTube Premium. This is a very important part of our and Your daily life. We all know how helpful YouTube premium is and how beneficial it is to us. If you don’t know how to buy a YouTube Premium membership, I have an article on my website. But many of us don’t know how to cancel youtube premium subscriptions.

This is a very simple task. But many may find it difficult due to lack of proper knowledge. So in today’s article, how to cancel a premium on YouTube.

I will teach you how to cancel not only from the website but also from Android phones, iPhone or apps. So without delay let’s get started. Let’s hope today’s article will be very helpful for you guys.

How to cancel YouTube Premium membership

Hey all it’s me here to show you how to cancel your youtube premium membership.

To start off once you’re in the youtube app, you’ll want to click your user icon at the top in the menu.

This brings up the fact that you want to go to purchases and memberships don’t panic. If you clicked your premium benefits instead that works too you just need to scroll to the bottom of that screen.

And select manage your membership. And that will bring you right back to purchases and memberships from here. Select your premium membership from the list of memberships you currently have active.

And the details of that membership and the payment methods attached to it will be displayed. Just click deactivate to start the process. It’s worth noting that from here you don’t just have the option to cancel.

But also to temporarily pause your membership for up to six months. So that you can resume it whenever you can afford it.

Even if you decide to cancel you’ll keep your premium benefits until the date that your current billing period ends. So all of that ad free viewing won’t just go away instantly.

How to cancel YouTube Premium

How To cancel YouTube Premium through website

So let’s see how you can cancel from the YouTube Premium website.

step 1: First go to the YouTube website and log in to your YouTube account easily.

step 2:Here you will see your profile setting. Just go there and click on it to cancel membership.

step 3: Then simply click on the setting option. From the drop down menu bar.

step 4: You will see a menu bar on the left which says Membership, click on it.

step 5: Under “YouTube Premium,” click on “Manage membership.

step 6: ” Click on “Cancel membership.”

Follow the instructions to confirm your cancellation.You will continue to have access to YouTube Premium until your next billing date. After that process. You will no longer be charged and no longer get all access.

How to cancel YouTube Premium

How to cancel YouTube Premium on android phone

You may be trying to go ahead and actually remove or cancel subscriptions on your specific android phone. Now first to do this, it’s actually not super difficult, but you do have to understand.

If you’re trying to cancel a subscription like netflix or something like that. You have to go through those applications or go inside the desktop apps or the websites and cancel them that way.

But if you’re trying to, you know, cancel a subscription that was like an application that takes an x amount of money every single month to use.

But what can you do here? Can you make your way over to your google play store? just like. So in the top right corner what you want to do is you want to go and click on your profile icon up here.

And you’ll see a little option here that says payments and subscriptions. So what you want to do here is very very easy. You want to go and click on the payments and subscriptions button.

You’ll come into this page and right here the second option you will see these subscriptions toggle. All you want to do is go and click on subscriptions right there and you will come to this page now.

This page is going to showcase to you all the different subscriptions. You may see a little pop-up if you go ahead and click inside of that subscription.

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You may see something that says dark sky. The application you’re using you’ll see how much you’re spending. But at the very bottom you will see a cancel YouTube Premium subscription button.

So what you want to do is you want to click cancel subscription you’ll get another little pop-up. And it’ll say like, your subscription will be canceled at the end of your billing period.

On may whatever and there it says if you want to change your mind you can know change this later. But then you want to go and click on cancel subscription and that subscription will then be cancelled. So then that’s pretty much how to do it’s very very easy.

How to cancel YouTube Premium

How to cancel youtube premium from IOS

First open the YouTube app and make sure you are signed in to your account. Just tap your profile icon from the top right side of the screen.

And then select ‘purchases and memberships’ from the popup menu. Under the memberships section, select your premium membership.

Tap ‘manage apple subscriptions’. This will open the app store on the page of your active subscriptions. Select youtube from the list.

Tap ‘cancel subscription’ and the tap ‘confirm’ on the popup. Your YouTube Premium subscription membership will now cancel at the end of the running billing period and you won’t get charged again.

You can still use the Youtube premium version until the end of the billing period time. In this way, you can easily cancel a YouTube Premium subscription from your IOS.

How to cancel YouTube Premium trial

You’re going to want to do is launch the youtube app? Once the youtube app is open you’re going to want to make sure you’re logged into the account that the premium membership is associated with.

And then once you’re logged in. In the top right corner you’re going to want to select your profile icon picture.

Once that opens up you’re going to want to head down to purchases and memberships right here.Just select that Select Premium Membership and as you can see here memberships.

You’re going to want to select what premium membership you want to cancel and select that Deactivate Premium Membership. And then you’ll see right here underneath the next billing date there’s a deactivate button.

For all you have to do is select deactivate and it’s going to let you know that you can pause your membership for up to six months.

If you just want to know if your money’s kind of tight or something and you don’t want to fully cancel you can hit pause instead.

But if you wish to continue to cancel just select continue to cancel and it’ll cancel your premium membership.

How to cancel YouTube Premium

How to cancel YouTube Music Premium

If you feel YouTube Premium isn’t right for you. You can follow these steps to cancel your membership. Visit Then, click ‘Manage membership’ and then ‘Deactivate’.

You’ll then see a pop-up with the option to continue to cancel your membership. Or you can choose to pause your membership for up to 6 months.

If you’re billed by Apple or by Google Play Music you’ll need to cancel directly through those services. You’ll find the URL and click cancel option. And that’s it!


As important as YouTube Premium is to us, sometimes we need to cancel it. We don’t need YouTube Premium for various reasons. Due to youtube premium needs to be canceled or deactivated.

But many of us don’t know how to cancel youtube premium subscriptions. Through this article, I have tried to fully explain how to cancel this very very easily. Let’s hope this article of mine will be very helpful and you will benefit.


What is YouTube premium?

YouTube Premium is a subscription service offered by YouTube, YouTube Premium owned by Google.

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